At BobbyProp we offer numerous design, construction, general contracting, renovation & project management services that are specifically tailored for the exclusive residential property market, customised to clients’ individual requirements.

Our team encompasses all aspects of our service offering. From design to building and renovation, including interior designers, carpenters, project managers and office staff who strive for exceptional quality in every building project and renovation that we do.

We deliver superior value and results, professional and personal service, as well as innovative liveability and sustainability solutions for your home.

Design, Planning & Pre Construction Services

Effective Design and Planning is vital for every construction or renovation project.

STAGE: Pre-Construction

We provide comprehensive and effective construction Scope, Design and Planning Services in the Pre-construction Stage, where we can determine the feasibility of a project, whether for new residential construction, home renovation or any commercial construction project. We can estimate the costs for your interior ideas like kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, bedroom ideas or other commercial interior ideas.

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Construction | Renovation Services

Achieve your New Home Construction or Home Renovation or Remodelling dream.

STAGE: Construction/Renovation

No project is too large or small. Whether it’s new construction, a simple renovation project, or a large remodelling project, we guide our customers through the entire building project construction process from start to finish. We manage the crews for excavation, construction, demolition, building masonry, roofing, siding, insulation. We have in-house experts in interior renovation like flooring, painting, plumbing and dry-walling.

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Project Management Services

Manage from Design, Plan, Quality Assurance, Progress Reports and more.

STAGE: Continuous

Our construction and renovation project management team provides a range of professional services, operating through our network of Architects to skilled tradesmen. We adopt a planned, organised and controlled approach to project management, delivering from Analysis to Bid Evaluation, oversight, quality assurance, Quality Control and updated Reporting throughout the entire construction or renovation project.

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