Who We Are

Bobby Prop Construction was formulated in early 2009. Our primary focus and areas of expertise include all aspects of construction and renovation. Working together with Cape Town’s top engineers and architects, we always pursue a goal of perfection. Our highly experienced team have been brought together with a common aim – a focus on customer satisfaction.  BPC enjoys constant interaction and input with their clients ultimately resulting in a project that pleases both parties.

What We Do

BPC are able to accomplish a wide range of construction work, from technical challenging tasks to the mundane tasks or rubble removal. Our versatility extends from the subtleties of tile-laying to more decorative work, such as designer bulk heads to elaborate wall art. Our limits are few and we are willing to tackle any challenge, with the ultimate goal being PERFECTION.

How we do it

One of BPC main focuses is working in conjunction with the client at all times. Their input, understanding and needs are of utmost importance to our entire team. With the clients help, the architects guidance and the engineers mind we guarantee a perfect out come. We work under the strictest guidelines, know that any deviations from plans or council approvals will only cause problems in the future. When working in blocks of flats, we adhere to all Body Corporate rules and ensure all building sites are kept clean on a daily basis.  The BPC staff are friendly and approachable at all times, knowing that anything else will not adhere to our constant drive towards perfection.

Innovative team

The BPC team pride themselves on the work that they produce. Know that anything below their high standards will be unacceptable. BPC, armed with that constant drive, is always pushing creative boundaries or looking for alternatives to ensure the clients life is easier in the long run. If it’s not installing a foot step below the bath, then it’s putting a waterproof seat in the shower. Its creating water outlets in all bathrooms in case of the unlikely event of a bath over flowing, the tiles are laid at a slight angle ensure the water runs to the outlet under the sink. There is always constant thought and innovation amongst the BPC team to ensure the client is ultimately happy with our workmanship.

Saving you money

Everyone enjoys saving a bit of money! It’s one of those simple ‘facts of life’. If you decide to use BPC we will ensure that money is saved along the way. If it’s not through obtaining numerous quotes, then it will be through the suppliers BPC use on a regular basis. At the end of the day most clients have a budget and we try our utmost to stay within those budgetary requirements.

Project management

This is one of the integral parts of the BPC process. We enjoy being involved in our client’s project from inception to completion. From input at site meetings to helping with room designs and layout, one of our core business processes is being able to manage the entire project. Our cost structures are always discussed upfront, so there will be no surprises along the way.

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