Restaurant – The Pallet

From a vagrant infested hole in the wall, to a mouth watering pallet cleanser! The BPC team lived up to their name, by turning am ugly and run down space into a restaurant  of sheer beauty. With every renovation job, comes delays, hiccups and  frustrations, this job was no different. After ironing out all the complication and differences we finally landed up with a fantastic product. The BPC team took charge from the onset and worked closely with the architect Etienne from @boukuns and the eventual Tenant – The Pallet. Etienne, big up, and thanks for all the assistance. Marika and Frank from the Pallet, thank you for all your wonderful input especially relating to the “SMARTIE” floor and the hand printed on the wall :) . Frank and Marika were the inspiration of the shop and designed and installed all the interior decorations, from the pallets, to the counter tops. Your patience,  understanding and design flair is commendable. The rest was up to the BPC TEAM from electrical, extraction, ventilation,  plumbing, tiling, flooring, windows, gas, demolition, fire doors, shop fronts, walls and everything else in between. HUGE thank you to the Bronwyn and the VOCBUZZ TEAM!!




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