The BPC crew welcomed back a familiar face, she slotted in with the utmost of easy and made the job a total breeze @nardeebrims welcome back!! Our client requested that her out dated and defunct bathrooms be converted into something classical and stylish. The BPC came and delivered. We striped the 2 bathrooms. installed a new shower/bath combo in the main bathroom, re-tiled the walls with white subways tiles, tiles the floors with white/black checkered tiles, installed in fold back frame-less shower screens, replaced toilets with more modern looking pans and cisterns, replaced blinds with venetian PVC white blinds, installed new high gloss vanity units with under-slung basins, new vickerstone counter tops were installed with new mixers, all walls and ceilings were painted. A wonderful job done. Client and family were very happy with the end result.

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