Roslyn Road, Newlands

This project was a true diamond in the rough. With some hard work from the BobbyProp Crew and some serious input from our client. We managed to polish this rough stone and turn it into a sparkling gem!


We revamped the entire house from repainted inside and outside, lining the house with new gutters and fixing the leaks

we redid all the existing bedrooms and bathrooms – from re-tiling, painting and all new plumbing work.

The kitchen was completely redone -flooring was tiled and  new carcasses, doors, hings and granite tops installed.


Let the pictures do the talking.

20140625_164556 Finished Lounge Area Lounge Area Entrance Hall Entrance lighting New showers New Bedroom New Bathroom New Bathroom Revamped Staircase Revamped Staircase New Bathroom Revamped Gate Freshly Painted house New House



Bathroom 2 old Bathroom2 old Bedroom 1 Old Bedroom Old Bedroom Old House Before Kitchen Before Entrance   Before Entrance to house Before Outside of house Before Bedroom Before Bedroom

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